The Old Testament

According to Luke 24:27&44

(3 Groups – 24 Books[1])





1.     Moses[2] (5 Books)

a       Genesis

b       Exodus

c        Leviticus

d       Numbers

e        Deuteronomy


2.     The Prophets[3] (8 Books)

a       Joshua

b       Judges

c        Samuel (1&2)

d       Kings (1&2)

e        Isaiah

f         Jeremiah

g       Ezekiel

h       Minor Prophets

1)     Hosea
2)     Joel
3)     Amos
4)     Obadiah
5)     Jonah
6)     Micah
7)     Nahum
8)     Habakkuk
9)     Zephaniah


3.     The Other Scriptures[4] (11 Books)

a       Psalms

b       Proverbs

c        Job

d       Song of Solomon

e        Ruth

f         Lamentations

g       Ecclesiastes

h       Esther

i          Daniel

j         Ezra/Nehemiah

k       Chronicles (1&2)

[1] Some Rabbis would link Ruth with Judges and Lamentations with Jeremiah having 22 books corresponding with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet

[2] Also referred to as The Pentateuch, The Law of Moses or The Torah

[3] Also referred to as Nebllm

[4] Also referred to as The Psalms, being that it was the first book in the series, and Hagiographa-Kethubim