In Luke 9:38, we read of a poor distracted father who had brought his son possessed with an unclean spirit to the disciples, but they could not cast it out. It was a most terrible case, and in his anguish the father cries: “Master, I beseech Thee, look upon my son: for he is my only-begotten!” It is not by accident the Spirit uses this touching word in these three lovely stories: rather is it to prepare our hearts, that we may more deeply enter into what it meant for God to give his only-begotten Son for you and for me. May we learn the lesson in part at least: never will we know it all: but these three cases should teach us something of what is cost the Father to redeem us poor lost sinners. The father in the story before us did not have much faith, but the Lord rebukes the unclean spirit, and it came out, and He delivered him again to his father. In each case He gave the child back to the parent: though indeed He might have claimed them: but it is “He who has fashioned a mother’s heart and furnished it all with love.”


          And He knows and understands and cases as none other can, even the nearest and the dearest. And let us ever remember, His sympathy today in our sorrows with our children, is just as real and true as it was long ago.


          In sickness or in health, in life or in death, the best thing we can do with our children, is to commit them to our Lord Jesus Christ.