I cannot pass by the mothers who brought their “little children” to our Lord, that He might put his hand on them and pray. We find the story told three times: Matthew 19:13-15; Mark 10:13-16; Luke 18:15-17. Luke, the doctor, tells us that they were “newborn babes” (Brephos). Mark, who so often records minute details of our Lord’s look, or tone, or act, tells us that “He took them up in His arms, put His hands upon them, and blessed them.” Here the Spirit of God uses a very strong word for bless, reserved for these little children along, and used in no other place in the New Testament. It might be translated, He “fervently blessed them.” And when the disciples rebuked these mothers, Mark tells us also, that the Lord was “much displeased.” Again the Spirit uses a very strong word that has the meaning of being “Grieved, Indignant, and Angry.” You remember how He said: “Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and hinder them not.” (New Translation.) We read in the New Testament six times of others being much displeased, or grieved, or indignant, or angry: the disciples themselves on more than on occasion, the Pharisees, the ruler of the synagogue: but only once do we ever find this word used of our Lord, and that was towards His own disciples, when they tried to hinder the mothers bringing their little ones to Him. There is a very grave lesson for us in this word; for, sad to say, there are many today, good men too, who walk in the disciples footsteps, and seek to hinder Christian parents bringing their little children to the Lord. These persons think they are doing God service, but I sadly fear their Lord is grieved; indignant, angry. “Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good.”