The foreword to a little book compiled by F.B. Tomkinson





One of the sweetest words in the English language is “Come.”  It is a word of entreaty, an invitation to draw near, consent or yield.  It finds a large place in the Sacred Scriptures.  From the day that God called Noah into the ark, to the last invitation of the Spirit of God to every human creature under Heaven, the invitation to “Come” runs like a golden chain through the volume of the Book.


One of the links in that chain is found in John’s Gospel (6:37): “Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.”  We might call it a jeweled link, for the Lord’s words “in no wise cast out” have a sweetness and an assurance which have been of untold comfort to thousands o souls.  He might have said, “I will not cast out,”  but the words in the original translated “”in no wise” are said to be a double negative, strengthening the affirmation as much as even the Lord Himself could strengthen it.  Why did our Lord use such a specially strong expression?  It is to doubly assure any trembling soul, for the Saviour desires that we should not fear.  It shows us the heart of that Saviour.  They are the words of the Holy Son of God, addressed to all men everywhere; addressed, dear reader, to you.


The incidents which make up this unpretentious book have been gleaned from various fields, and but prove the welcome which those found who came in child-like faith to Christ.  And you, into whose hands this collection of facts has fallen, you who are still out of Christ and away from God, we earnestly and affectionately entreat: Come to Him NOW.  A Royal Welcome awaits you from Him who died that you might live.  How will you treat His invitation?



“O word, of words the sweetest,

O words, in which there lie

All promise, all fulfillment,

And end of mystery!

Lamenting or rejoicing,

With doubt or terror nigh,

I hear the “Come “ of Jesus

,And to His cross I fly.”                                     -F.B. Tomkinson