The Lord recompense thy work,

and a full reward be given thee.


Ruth 2:12








In this section you will find some helpful material for working with the young of different ages.


1.    Scripture Texts - these can be decorated by the very young.

2.    Poems with a lesson.

3.    Word search and crosswords.

4.    Lesson books.


We will use the King James translation of the Bible. It is an example of the beauty of the English language used by many great men of God. Many lost souls have found forgiveness and peace in the Lord Jesus just by reading it. Though it is not free from inaccuracies, with a little studying these can be easily cleared up. It might surprise many how close to the original languages it really is. If you desire a quick reference to this translation, you can find the whole Bible under “The Scripture of Truth”  in the “Study to show thyself approved” section of this web site.


May the Lord bless this little effort to be of some encouragement to the young.