A Kernel of Corn





Have you ever thought how even a little kernel of corn can remind us of the Lord Jesus Christ and of His work for us on the cross?


A kernel of corn, you know, is a seed.  And on the inside of the little seed there is something so wonderful that no one in the whole world, not matter how wise he may be, can make it.  That wonderful thing is LIFE.


If we should place the kernel down into the moist, warm soil and cover it, something very interesting will happen.  In the darkness the outside body of the little seed will die and a new plant will begin to grow.  Then, before very long, the growing plant will burst through the top of the ground to enjoy the sunshine and rain from heaven.  It will grow and produce ears of corn. These contain many new little kernels just like the one that was planted and died.  One seed died so that a great many others may live!


So, you see, that’s why the little kernel o corn reminds us of the Lord Jesus Christ and of His work on the cross for us.  He died for our sins; He was buried; and He rose again according to the Scriptures (See 1 Corinthians 15:3,4). Because of His death, we who have trusted in Him as our own personal Lord and Saviour have received EVERLASTING LIFE.  And just as it was necessary for the seed to die before there could be the many new ones, it was necessary for the Lord Jesus to die so that you and I might be saved and receive eternal life.


Look up John 12:24 in your Bible and read it.  In that verse the Lord Jesus uses another kind of seed as an example to teach us the story of His great salvation.


But remember! You must receive the Lord Jesus Christ personally as your Saviour before you can have EVERLASTING LIFE.  If you have not yet received Him, you are still “dead in trespasses and sins.”  Won’t you receive Him right now?


“As many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.” John 1:12









Only a step to Jesus!

Then why not take it now?

Come, and thy sin confessing,

To Him, thy Saviour, bow.



Only a step, only a step,

Come, He waits for thee,

Come, and thy sin confessing,

Thou shalt receive a blessing,

Do not reject the mercy

He freely offers thee.


Only a step to Jesus!

Believe, and thou shalt live;

Lovingly now He’s waiting,

And ready to forgive.