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./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/Father How Precious Unto Thee.htmFather How Precious Unto Thee.
Father how precious unto Thee Father, how precious unto Thee Is Thy beloved Son, In whom Thou dost perfection see, Thy holy blessed One! When He in flesh the desert passed, He loved to do Thy will ; His food it was, through to the last, Thy pleasure to fulfil.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/Father We Worship Thee Our God.htmFather WWorship Thee Our God.
Father, we worship Thee, our God What rich unfathomable grace, On us, in Christ, hast Thou bestowed ! Children of wrath (our nature's place), Now ransom'd and with Him made one, Glories around unbounded shine, The fullness of our God alone The limit is of grace divine ! L.M.D. S.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/Glory Honor Praise And Power.htmGlory Honor Praise And Power.
Glory, honour, praise, and power, Be unto the Lamb for ever ! Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. Hallelujah ! Hallelujah ! Hallelujah ! Praise we the Lord ! 8s. P.M. Theodolph, died 821
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/Grace Taught Our Wandering Feet.htmGrace Taught Our Wandering Feet.
Grace taught our wandering feet To tread the heavenly road; And new supplies each hour we meet While traveling home to God. 'Twas grace that wrote each name In God's eternal book; 'Twas grace that gave us to the Lamb, Who all our burdens took. Grace saved us from the
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/Hark Ten Thousand Voices Crying.htmHark Ten Thousand Voices Crying.
Hark ! ten thousand voices crying, "Lamb of God !" with one accord; Thousand thousand saints replying, Wake at once the echoing chord. "Praise the Lamb," the chorus waking, All in heaven together throng; Loud and far each tongue partaking Rolls around the endless song. Grateful incense this, ascending Ever
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/Lord Jesus We Worship And Bow At Thy Feet.htmLord Jesus WWorship And Bow AThy Feet.
Lord Jesus ! we worship and bow at Thy feet, And give Thee the glory, the honour that's meet; While through Thee, O Saviour, our praises ascend And join in the chorus that never shall end. 11s. Marie de Fleury
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/Now In A Song Of Grateful Praise.htmNow IA Song OGrateful Praise.
Now in a song of grateful praise, To our dear Lord the voice we'll raise; With all His saints we'll join to tell, "Our Jesus hath done all things well." All worlds His glorious power confess, His wisdom all His works express; But oh, His love !--what tongue can tell
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/O Lord We Adore Thee.htmO Lord WAdore Thee.
O Lord, we adore Thee, For Thou art the slain One That livest for ever, Enthrone`d in heaven; O Lord ! we adore Thee, For Thou hast redeem`d us; Our title to glory We read in Thy blood. O God, we acknowledge Thy greatness, Thy glory ! For of Thee
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/On The Lamb Our Souls Are Resting.htmOThe Lamb Our Souls Are Resting.
On the Lamb our souls are resting, What His love no tongue can say, All our sins, so great, so many, In His blood are washed away. Sweetest rest and peace have filled us, Sweeter praise than tongue can tell, God is satisfied with Jesus, We are satisfied as well.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/Paschal Lamb By God Appointed.htmPaschal Lamb BGod Appointed.
Paschal Lamb, by God appointed, All our sins were on Thee laid; By Almighty love anointed, Thou hast full atonement made. All Thy people are forgiven Through the virtue of Thy blood; Opened is the gate of heaven, Peace is made for us with God. Jesus, hail ! enthroned in
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/Praise The Lord He Died To Save Us.htmPraise The Lord HDied TSave Us.
Praise the Lord ! He died to save us ! 'Tis by Him alone we live; And in Him the Father gave us All that boundless love could give: Life eternal In the Saviour we receive. 8,7. T. Kelly
Recorded Hymns
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_sheep_-_-_-_growing_in_grace_and_knowledge_of_the_lord/3_hymns_and_poems/hymns/Thy Word O Lord.linkThy Word O Lord.
Thy Word, O Lord By Albert Midlane 1825 - 1909 1. Thy Word, O Lord, Thy precious Word alone, Can lead me on; By this, until the darksome night be gone, Lead Thou me on! Thy Word is light, Thy Word is life and power; By it, oh, guide me