1   Gospel Work BCharles Stanley.
2   Fifty Years IThe Church ORome   C.
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A MEMOIR OF ROBINSON CRUSOE (Alexander Selkirk) Having lived for the last 10 years in Alexander Selkirk's old home ( now rebuilt) and observing with growing interest the number of visitors of all nationalities and ages who came to admire the lovely statue above the door, it occurred to me
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AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE 1776-1786 It was James Taylor's wedding-day, a wintry morning long ago in the north country. The sun had not yet risen over Brierley Common, and in the snowy valley Royston still lay in shadow. But on Staincross Ridge the young stonemason was up betimes,
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Cornelius Smith the converted Gypsy. 'I do believe, I will believe, that Jesus died for me I was born on the 31st of March, 1860, in a gipsy tent, the son of gipsies, Cornelius Smith and his wife Mary Welch. The gipsies are very musical, and my father was a
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God Is Not Mocked A notorious infidel had a considerable following in a certain town. He was one of the braggart stamp, and seemed to revel in his outpourings of blasphemy against God. One day, in the height of his folly, he challenged God, if such a Being existed, to
Gypsy Smith His Life Story.
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I SHOULD SO LOVE TO LAY MY CROWN AT HIS FEET One of the chaplains of her late Majesty, Queen Victoria, had been preaching on the Second Coming of the Lord, and afterwards, in conversation with the preacher, the Queen exclaimed: "Oh! How I wish that the Lord would come
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IN HIS RIGHT MIND About the year 1867 a small boy, nine years of age, began life in a mine in Durham County, working for no less than fourteen hours a day. He had no schooling, and grew up hardly knowing his right hand from his left, save that he
Jim Vaus The Converted Gangester.
The Converted Nunn.
The Story OWillie Mullins.
The War The Weather And God.
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The Wreck and Rescue of a Scotch Fishing Crew The Thrilling Narrative of a Life and Death Experience. By James McKendrick. The sea has many charms and attractions, and has afforded to many, of all classes, much joy and real pleasure. But alas! alas! It has caused much sorrow, and
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2 o'clock at Entebbe "Get out of here by 2 o'clock, or you will be arrested." I could easily believe him, as I looked around at the many armed soldiers. The nation of Uganda, Africa, had suffered much under the dictatorship that then was in place. On January 25, 1971,
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WHAT CAME OF MISSSING THE TRAIN It was just upon nine o'clock in the morning. The 8.50 am. Train had just been dispatched, and the station master was settling down for an hour's quiet, when a gentleman with face red hot and bursting with ill-temper, rushed upon the platform. He