./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_lambs_-_-_-_for_the_young_in_christ/2_true_stories_for_the_younger_christian/A  Brave  Rescue.htm.linkA  Brave  Rescue.
A BRAVE RESCUE A few years ago we were spending a happy holiday at the seaside, and took a trip one Saturday afternoon on one of the passenger steamers plying between Gourock and Rothesay. On the return journey, when nearing Gourock, suddenly a great commotion sprang up among the passengers.
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Brought Out Of A Pit - B Y.wav.linkBrought Out OA Pit - B Y.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_lambs_-_-_-_for_the_young_in_christ/2_true_stories_for_the_younger_christian/Cripple Tom And His Texts.htm.linkCripple Tom And His Texts.
Cripple Tom and his Texts In one of the miserable East London homes, in a dark, wretched room at the top of the house, lay a cripple boy. He had lain there for over two years, greatly neglected and comparatively unknown. When quite young his parents had died, leaving him
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_lambs_-_-_-_for_the_young_in_christ/2_true_stories_for_the_younger_christian/Elise Sandes.htm.linkElise Sandes.
ELISE SANDES, THE SOLDIERS' FRIEND Elise Sandes, the daughter of an Irish gentleman, had six sisters and two brothers. Even when a child she was often concerned about the great mysteries of life and death, knowing that she must exist for ever. She feared God, but did not love Him,
./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_lambs_-_-_-_for_the_young_in_christ/2_true_stories_for_the_younger_christian/The Queens Question.htm.linkThe Queens Question.
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./?iframe=/weseejesus/feed_my_lambs_-_-_-_for_the_young_in_christ/2_true_stories_for_the_younger_christian/Two O Clock At Entebbe.htm.linkTwo O Clock AEntebbe.
2 o'clock at Entebbe "Get out of here by 2 o'clock, or you will be arrested." I could easily believe him, as I looked around at the many armed soldiers. The nation of Uganda, Africa, had suffered much under the dictatorship that then was in place. On January 25, 1971,