./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/An Old Seamans Proverb.htm.linkAOld Seamans Proverb.
AN OLD SEAMAN'S PROVERB There is an old and arresting sailor's proverb, "Who will not be ruled by the rudder must be ruled by the rock." It is very plain that a rudder used in conjunction with an intimate knowledge of the chart with rocks and shoals clearly marked upon
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/As It Was In The Days Of Noah.htm.linkAIWas IThe Days ONoah.
As it was in the days of Noah " And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered
Beyond The Point Of No Return   A H.wav.linkBeyond The Point ONReturn   A H.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/Does Death In Battle Win You Heaven.htm.linkDoes Death IBattle Win You Heaven.
DOES DEATH IN BATTLE WIN HEAVEN? Alas! There are preachers of foremost rank in the religious world, who have been to the front, and told the brave soldiers in the trenches, that if they fall in battle, their heroism will win them heaven. Never was there a more cruel lie
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/Gospel Address No 1 J D.htm.linkGospel Address No 1 J D.
Gospel Address No. 1. 2 Corinthians 5. December 22nd, 1870. There are two words of immense comfort here, when once we have believed in the Lord Jesus and His work, and yet often they are a trial to people who cannot say them with simplicity. They are "we know" and
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/Gospel Address No 2 J D.htm.linkGospel Address No 2 J D.
Gospel Address No 2 Matthew 17: 22 to end. March 7th, 1871. In the first three gospels the Lord is presented to the Jews, and they reject Him. In John He is rejected from the first. But He says, "I will have My sheep." Nothing can touch His grace; if
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/Gospel Address No 3 J D.htm.linkGospel Address No 3 J D.
Gospel Address No 3 God in Christ and man in Christ. October 23rd, 1870. The great point of Colossians 2 is the completeness of the revelation, and our completeness, if we receive it, bringing us out of the old condition into a new. It is remarkable the way the apostle
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/Gospel Address No 4 J D.htm.linkGospel Address No 4 J D.
Gospel Address No 4 Redemption. March 9th, 1871. We get in Exodus 15 the deliverance founded on Exodus 12, and God takes, as to His dealings, an entirely new character. In chapter 12. He was a Judge, acting in that character, and He is met by the blood. He does
Him That Cometh.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/How The Lost Sheep Was Found.htm.linkHow The Lost Sheep Was Found.
How the Lost Sheep was Found An incident in the life of the late J. N. Darby. Many years ago he was asked to see a poor boy who was dying in a lonely district in Ireland. He says: After upwards of an hour's toilsome walking (for the roads which
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/If Thou Knewest The Gift Of God.htm.linkIThou Knewest The Gift OGod.
IF THOU KNEWEST THE GIFT OF GOD! A weary One sat at Jacob's well; He had left the land of the Pharisees. It was Jesus. He came in love to His own, to save them from their sins; but they received Him not. Weary and grieved was His tender heart,
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/In His Right Mind.htm.linkIHis Right Mind.
IN HIS RIGHT MIND About the year 1867 a small boy, nine years of age, began life in a mine in Durham County, working for no less than fourteen hours a day. He had no schooling, and grew up hardly knowing his right hand from his left, save that he
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/Infidelity A Rotten Plank.linkInfidelity A Rotten Plank.
INFIDELITY A ROTTEN PLANK The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God (Psalm xiv.1); or rather, No God; in other words, it is not want of understanding, but moral corruption, the state of the affections, that leads to atheism. The impenitent sinner desires that there should be
John 18 3   E W.mp3.linkJohn 18 3   E W.
John 3 16   E W.mp3.linkJohn 3 16   E W.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/Just As You Are.htm.linkJust AYou Are.
JUST AS YOU ARE Jack, the Captain wants you!" Jack was at work in the black-smith's shop making shoes for some of the horses of the army regiment. His friend who had called him to go to the officer was neat and clean, ready for inspection. Jack looked at his
Luke 14 15   A B.mp3.linkLuke 14 15   A B.
Matthew 21   A B.mp3.linkMatthew 21   A B.
Matthew 25   E W.mp3.linkMatthew 25   E W.
Now Is The Accepted Time   R D.wav.linkNow IThe Accepted Time   R D.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/Opinions Or Facts.htm.linkOpinions OFacts.
OPIONIONS OR FACTS It is of very little consequence that a criminal, under sentence of death, does not believe in what he is pleased to call the "doctrine of capital punishment," since every breath he draws, in disclaiming against it, only brings him so much the nearer to the hour
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/Priceless Ordeal.htm.linkPriceless Ordeal.
PRICELESS ORDEAL In the St. Joe Valley For 87 years Harry Miller lived without God. Not that he had no serious thoughts of God: indeed he had, though only on occasion, but these he had managed to silence by long accustomed ignoring of them. Clearly he recalls today how that,
REDEMPTION "When I see the blood"-Ex.12:13 I knew a person who had, for years, been deeply anxious about her soul. She longed to know for certain, that she had redemption through the blood of Christ, even the forgiveness of hers sins. She felt that if she died without redemption, she
Revelation 3 14   J B.mp3.linkRevelation 3 14   J B.
Romans 1 16   N B.mp3.linkRomans 1 16   N B.
Romans 3 23   E W.mp3.linkRomans 3 23   E W.
Safely Home   J B.mp3.linkSafely Home   J B.
Safety Certainty And Enjoyment
Solemn Things   E M.mp3.linkSolemn Things   E M.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/The Ant Lion.htm.linkThe Ant Lion.
THE ANT-LION `I was going into a deep forest alone on foot, with my blanket, food, and cooking utensils on my back. The day was very hot, and I sat down to rest. Every leaf was still, and the only sound was the distant murmur of a water-fall away in
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/The Cross On The Wall.htm.linkThe Cross OThe Wall.
The cross on the wall Roger was the swimming instructor at a large college for men. One night, not able to sleep, he decided to go for a swim in the pool. He thought his would relax him so that he could get to sleep. "I did not turn on
The Law OThe Leper.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/The Moth Collector.htm.linkThe Moth Collector.
THE MOTH COLLECTOR The writer was spending a short holiday near the Needles, Isle of Wight, and was much interested in an account of how a certain nocturnal moth was caught by a London entomologist. This gentleman made a special journey to Freshwater to collect some specimens of a species,
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/The True Grace Of God Wherein We Stand   J D.htm.linkThe True Grace OGod Wherein WStand   J D.
The True Grace of God wherein we stand 1 Peter 5: 12. {Similar to, perhaps extracted from, 'Why do I groan?' C.W. 12 Evangelical vol. 1, page 186.} God is made known to us as the "God of all Grace," and the position in which we are set is that
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/The Wreck And The Rescue.linkThe Wreck And The Rescue.
The Wreck and Rescue of a Scotch Fishing Crew The Thrilling Narrative of a Life and Death Experience. By James McKendrick. The sea has many charms and attractions, and has afforded to many, of all classes, much joy and real pleasure. But alas! alas! It has caused much sorrow, and
Three Men   J B.mp3.linkThree Men   J B.
Three Questions   E W.mp3.linkThree Questions   E W.
What Is Your Life   K H.wav.linkWhat IYour Life   K H.
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/2_-_gospel_messages_library/Where Is Happiness To Be Found.htm.linkWhere IHappiness TBFound.
WHERE IS HAPPINESS TO BE FOUND? NOT IN INFIDELITY. Voltaire was an infidel of the most pronounced type. He wrote, "I wish I had never been born." NOT IN PLEASURE. Byron lived a life of pleasure, if anyone did. He wrote, "The worm, the canker, and the grief are mine
Zacheus   E W.mp3.linkZacheus   E W.
Zechariah 3   A B.mp3.linkZechariah 3   A B.
Zechariah 3   P W.mp3.linkZechariah 3   P W.