./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/1_-_gospel_messages_for_children/A Gift.htm.linkA Gift.
A GIFT If your Mother or Daddy gives you a gift, do you have to pay for it? Of course not, because if you did, it would not be a gift. The one who receives a birthday gift, or a gift at some other time, simply takes it when it
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/1_-_gospel_messages_for_children/A Kernel Of Corn.htm.linkA Kernel OCorn.
A Kernel of Corn Have you ever thought how even a little kernel of corn can remind us of the Lord Jesus Christ and of His work for us on the cross? A kernel of corn, you know, is a seed. And on the inside of the little seed there
COME! C onfidingly - Believing He will receive you Matt.1:28 O penly- Acknowledge your guilt Isaiah l:18 M eekly- In the spirit of a little child Luke 18:16 E arnestly- Because God says, NOW Luke 14:26
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/1_-_gospel_messages_for_children/Cripple Tom And His Texts.htm.linkCripple Tom And His Texts.
Cripple Tom and his Texts In one of the miserable East London homes, in a dark, wretched room at the top of the house, lay a cripple boy. He had lain there for over two years, greatly neglected and comparatively unknown. When quite young his parents had died, leaving him
Out Of A Pit.linkOut OA Pit.
Recorded Messages
Shouts A H.wav.linkShouts A H.
Written Messages
./?iframe=/weseejesus/come_unto_me_-_-_-_the_way_to_life_and_peace_with_god/1_-_gospel_messages_for_children/Zip To The Rescue.htm.linkZip TThe Rescue.
ZIP TO THE RESCUE The children love Zip, their Collie -dog-friend. But sometimes he was a bother. He had to go every where they went, as he seemed to feel it was his job to take care of them, especially when they were in swimming. Again and again they would