The New Testament (27 Books)

By Author







1.     James (1 book)

The Epistle of James


2.     John (5 books)

a       The Gospel of John

b       1st John

c        2nd John

d       3rd John

e        The Revelation


3.     Jude (1 book)

The Epistle of Jude


4.     Luke (2 books)

a       The Gospel of Luke

b       The Book of Acts


5.     Mark (1 book)

The Gospel of Mark


6.     Matthew (1 book)

The Gospel of Matthew


7.     Paul (14 books)

a       Romans

b       1 Corinthians

c        2 Corinthians

d       Galatians

e        Ephesians

f         Philippians

g       Colossians

h       1 Thessalonians

i          2 Thessalonians

j         1 Timothy

k       2 Timothy

l          Titus

m     Philemon

n       Hebrews


8.     Peter (2 books)

a       1 Peter

b       2 Peter



New Testament Greek[i]


                Greek was originally written in capitals, and the earliest manuscripts of the New Testament are all in capitals, but later a quicker “cursive”, or running, scrip was devised and for the most part this superseded the former “uncial”, or capital, scrip.



Name                      Cursive                  Uncial                    English 


Alpha                     α                              Α                             a

                Pronounced 1. long as in father

                                      2. short as in cat


Beta                        β                              Β                             b

                                Pronounced as in bad


Gamma                   γ                              Γ                             g

                                Pronounced as in go (never soft as in gentle)


Delta                       δ                              Δ                             d

                                Pronounced as in did


Epsilon                   ε                              Ε                              e (short)

                                Pronounced as in get


Zeta                        ζ                              Ζ                             z

                                Pronounced as dz in adze


Eta                          η                              Η                             e (long)

                                Pronounced as in pére


Theta                      θ                              Θ                             th

                                Pronounced soft as in thin


Iota                         ι                               Ι                               i

                                Pronounced 1. long as feet

                                                      2. short as in fit


Kappa                    κ                              Κ                             k

                                Pronounced long as in king


Lambda                  λ                              Λ                             l

                                Pronounced as in long


Mu                          μ                              Μ                            m

                                Pronounced as in man


Nu                           ν                              Ν                             n

                                Pronounced as in not


Xi                            ξ                              Ξ                             x

                                Pronounced as in wax


Omikron ο                              Ο                             o (short)

                                Pronounced as in got


Pi                             π                              Π                             p

                                Pronounced as in poor


Rho                         ρ                              Ρ                              rh

                                Pronounced as in rich


Sigma                     σ                              Σ                             s


ς if at end of word

                                Pronounced as in mouse


Tau                         τ                              Τ                             t

                                Pronounced as in tea


Upsilon                  υ                              Υ                             u

                                Pronounced 1. long as in rue

                                                      2. short as in du


Phi                          φ                             Φ                             ph

                                Pronounced as English f in fish


Chi                          χ                              Χ                             ch

                                Pronounced as Scots ch in loch (never as ch in church)


Psi                           ψ                              Ψ                             ps

                                Pronounced as in lapse


Omega                    ω                             Ω                             o (long)

                                Pronounced like Yorkshire oh

[i] Teach Yourself New Testament Greek by D. F. Hudson