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2 Timothy 3:15












An Outline of Sound Words

2 Timothy 1:3[i]























Helpful verses




Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his path? By taking heed according to thy word.[ii]


Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.[iii]


Open mine eyes, and I shall behold wondrous things out of thy law.[iv]


Give me understanding, and I will keep it with [my] whole heart.[v]


Forever, O Jehovah, thy word is settled in the heavens.[vi]


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.[vii]


I have joy in thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.[viii]



Helpful comments


If God does inspire a book, it must be with a moral purpose, and not merely to write a history.[ix]


The glory of Christ is the central truth of the Bible.[x]


As to reading itself, the scripture is plain; “ Meditate on these things, give thyself wholly to them, that thy profiting may appear to all.” I find two ways of reading scripture: putting through grace my heart and conscience before it, so that it should act on me as subject to it; and studying it to seize it with its bearing[1], connection[2], and depth[3]. It should be a first thing to be fitted; then draw from the stores of communion, and then when real the free action of the Holy Ghost.[xi]


As to myself, you should never consider it a reproach to have thought differently from me. In general, I like better reading what is not according to my own thought, because one always gains (if there is piety, and the foundations are solid) something by reading it. Divine truth is of such vast extent, and is so many-sided, taking up the nature of God, His dispensations, His ways with men, their responsibility, the positive revelations of His counsels, the moral and eternal relations which flow from what He is, and from what other beings are; that on all points the truth may be looked at in many ways, and one fills up the gap left by the others. I see this even in the apostles. John speaks of the nature of God; Paul of His counsels; Peter of His ways. All have the same truths; only as one goes on everything becomes increasingly absorbed in Christ; and if even there were mistakes in what the man writes, one eliminates them through grace, and one takes what is given of God, which is not according to one’s own way of looking at things. So it does not trouble me to find in your work ideas different from my own. Besides, if the foundations are well maintained. I like that there should be great breadth among brethren, and not a party formed upon certain views, provided also that devotedness and separation from the world, and the truth that lead us to this, be also maintained in all their energy, because the blessing of souls is in question in this.[xii]





I.                 The Old Testament


According to Modern Teaching (5 Groups – 39 Books) Early Rabbis grouped it differently – See Article titled Old Testament Books

A.   The Law – The Pentateuch (5 Books)

1.     Genesis

2.     Exodus

3.     Leviticus

4.     Numbers

5.     Deuteronomy

B.   History (12 Books)

1.     Joshua

2.     Judges

3.     Ruth

4.     1 Samuel

5.     2 Samuel

6.     1 Kings

7.     2 Kings

8.     1 Chronicles

9.     2 Chronicles

10. Ezra

11. Nehemiah

12. Esther

C.   Poetic (5 Books)

1.     Job

2.     Psalms

3.     Proverbs

4.     Ecclesiastes

5.     Song of Solomon


D.   Major Prophets (5 Books)

1.     Isaiah

2.     Jeremiah

3.     Lamentations

4.     Ezekiel

5.     Daniel

E.   Minor Prophets (12 Books)

1.     Hosea

2.     Joel

3.     Amos

4.     Obadiah

5.     Jonah

6.     Micah

7.     Nahum

8.     Habakkuk

9.     Zephaniah

10. Haggai

11. Zechariah

12. Malachi



II.             The New Testament (27 Books)

Also see the Index titled New Testament books by Author

A.   The Gospels (4 Books)

1.      Matthew

2.      Mark

3.      Luke

4.      John

B.   Transitional (1 Book)

The Book of Acts

C.   Epistles (21 Books)

1.      Romans

2.      1 Corinthians

3.      2 Corinthians

4.      Galatians

5.      Ephesians

6.      Philippians

7.      Colossians

8.      1 Thessalonians

9.      2 Thessalonians

10. 1 Timothy

11. 2 Timothy

12. Titus

13. Philemon

14. Hebrews

15. James

16. 1 Peter

17. 2 Peter

18. 1 John

19. 2 John

20. 3 John

21. Jude

D.   Prophetic (1 Book)

1.     The Revelation

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