THE WAR THE WEATHER & GOD by G.F. Vallance ---------------o---------------o--------------- Chapter 6 What shall be our summing up of all these truly remarkable historical facts, for facts they all are? What shall we say of "That Restraining Hand" which manifested itself time and time again as we have seen? What
THE WAR THE WEATHER & GOD by G.F. Vallance ---------------o---------------o--------------- Chapter 7 What the world needs is Jesus Christ. IT IS, whether we are all prepared to accept the FACT or not. Without God; Men, Munitions, Ships, Navies, Tanks, Allies, Money, and all the rest are futile helps and useless.
THE WAR THE WEATHER & GOD by G.F. Vallance ---------------o---------------o--------------- Chapter 8 In my final Chapter I wish to come back to my opening theme of "That Restraining Hand," for I am sure that my reader will agree with me, that this overruling Divine Hand cannot be treated as of
THE WAR THE WEATHER & GOD by G.F. Vallance ---------------o---------------o--------------- Appendix Lest any should think that the Author is in anyway biased in his judgment regarding the matters dealt with in this volume it might be helpful to include two quite independent testimonies, both written by Journalists unknown to the
The Great Salvation Foreword The Scriptures themselves speak of the "great salvation," which has reached us through the Gospel. We, who have experienced the saving grace of God, know something of its greatness, but it is only as we search the Scriptures and investigate its details that the magnitude of
Forgiveness When the first stirrings of the Spirit of God took place within us, the effect in almost every case was that we became conscious of our sins and of the guilt that attached to them, and consequently we became seekers after forgiveness. We wanted to be forgiven, and to
Justification To be justified is to be cleared from every charge that could be brought against us. That this is the meaning is very apparent in the Apostle's words, recorded in Acts 13: 39, "By Him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be
Redemption. Not only has sin plunged us into guilt, and brought us face to face with condemnation, but it has entangled us in bondage of a very fearful sort; a bondage from which we are utterly unable to extricate ourselves. Then, as regards the Gospel, not only does it proclaim
Reconciliation. A number of different words have been employed by the Spirit of God to convey to us the far-reaching effects of the work of Christ. Reconciliation is one of them, and it possesses great definiteness of meaning. It carries us further into the positive blessings of the Gospel than
Salvation We now come to a word of very large meaning, so large indeed that it may be used in a sense that covers other gospel words such as justification, redemption, reconciliation. An instance of the large meaning which may be attached to it is found in Hebrews 2: 3,
Sanctification. The Scriptures have a good deal to say to us as to sanctification, in the Old Testament as well as in the New; and wherever we find it the word has the fundamental meaning of a separation, or a setting apart. In the Old Testament the word is freely
The New Birth. We are introduced to this theme by the Lord Himself, who put it in the very forefront of His teaching when He had the talk with Nicodemus by night. It is alluded to by John in the preface to his Gospel (John 1: 13), but not in