REMARKS ON THE PRESENT TIMES (Anon) This is a time of trial for the beloved brethren who are gathered to the name and for the name of the Lord Jesus, because the pretensions and the energy of man are highly manifested. It is not an easy thing to be content
CONFIRMED! BUT HOW? By FEH On a Monday morning several years ago a young girl on my staff asked me "Would I be right in thinking I saw your son at the gospel meeting in Birmingham town hall last Saturday?" I assured her that it probably was so, and then
A BLACK SHEEP FOUND BY THE SHEPHERD By FEH Several years ago I was walking one evening with a business colleague from Leicester Square Underground Station to the London Hotel at which we were staying. Passing a side street I heard a man's voice speaking of the preciousness of the
A HAPPPY RAILWAY JOURNEY By FEH Towards the end of the second world war I had occasion to travel by train from the Midlands over the cross-country route to Andover Junction. Entering the dimly lighted carriage I found every compartment except one to be empty. The exception was at the
A MATTER OF TASTE By FEH In the war years I found it wise to avoid train journeys via London, and so on my periodical trips to East Anglia I chose the route from Birmingham across the Eastern Countries, on the occasion in mind I was, as often, alone in
LIGHT AT EVENTIDE By FEH Several years ago I spent a few days in a small Glocestershire town where meetings for the reading of God's word were being held. One evening the Christian lady in whose house I was staying told me of an old man in an adjoining village
AN OPENED BIBLE By FEH Returning by train from London one evening accompanied by a fellow - Christian, we took our seats in a coach. In the opposite seats were two young men, one of whom took a Bible from his pocket and placed it on the table in front
THE WAR THE WEATHER & GOD by G.F. Vallance ---------------o---------------o--------------- Chapter 1 As we look back and view, in their true perspective, the momentous happenings of the past five years,[1][1] there are three things which stand out in striking relief. No thoughtful man or woman, who has witnessed them can
THE WAR THE WEATHER & GOD by G.F. Vallance ---------------o---------------o--------------- Chapter 2. We were up against it, of that there was no doubt. Everybody felt it in the air, and the Prime Minister confirmed it to us. Yes! It was Dunkirk week-end. But the Miracle of Dunkirk lay in the
THE WAR THE WEATHER & GOD by G.F. Vallance ---------------o---------------o--------------- Chapter 3 February 15^th, 1941 was another invasion date, for which we were shockingly ill-prepared. But on February 14^th a submarine earthquake occurred in the Atlantic, recorded at Kew, with Hurricane damage in Spain. The effects on the tidal system
THE WAR THE WEATHER & GOD by G.F. Vallance ---------------o---------------o--------------- Chapter 4 Our heaviest loss in Night Bombers, in raids over Germany up to December, 1942 was thirty-four in one night; and they have been officially accredited as being lost mainly "BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER." Then again, H.M.S. Price of
THE WAR THE WEATHER & GOD by G.F. Vallance ---------------o---------------o--------------- Chapter 5 First came the very mild Winter of 1942-43; but for which, our Coal situation would have been critical in the extreme. A leading article in the "Daily Press" at the time speaking of this period said: "Moreover Major