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AN EPILOGUE TO THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS Taken from an old book titled "THE COMFORTER" Author unknown Date unknown This article was first read onto a cassette tape by, a dear brother in the Lord, Mr. Norman Anderson from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England. It emphasizes the simplicity of the Christian gathering,
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PRAYER AND THE PRAYER MEETING C.H.M. Approx. 1865 IN considering the deeply important subject of prayer, two things claim our attention: first, the moral basis of prayer; secondly, its moral conditions. 1 The Moral Basis of Prayer 1. The basis of prayer is set forth in such words as the
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THE LORD'S SUPPER. The Bible Treasury, New Series, vol. 6 page 331 WE should, on divine authority, and in spiritual, scriptural intelligence, hold to it, that the Lord's supper is the due characteristic expression of the Lord's day--that which should then be made principal. If we read Luke xxii. 7-20
WORSHIP, THE BREAKING OF BREAD, AND PRAYER John 4: 10-24 INDEX 1. Christian WORSHIP is in contrast with what went before. [1](Click here) 2. There is a perfect revelation of God in Christ. [2](Click here) 3. A new nature is needed to WORSHIP God. [3](Click here) 4. The Lord should