One little word about Mordecai to cheer the hearts of the Uncles. We have seen the comfort that Othniel was to his Uncle Caleb, and there are others we might have looked at. What a joy young Jonathan must have been to his Uncle David in 2 Samuel 21:21, when he slew the giant with six fingers and six toes on each hand and foot; but very likely it was his Uncle David’s example that had given him courage to do it. And you dear ones are uncles and aunts, as well as fathers and mothers.


          But what a joy Esther must have been to her uncle through those dark days of life at Shushan the palace, where their lot was cast. And Mordecai brought the young orphan niece up to fear the God of Israel, and as she grew older, even in the king’s court, she did not depart from that early training. I shall not stop to tell the story, for you all know it: but I would remind you of this bright example of that verse (Proverbs 22:6): “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”


          It would appear that Esther and Mordecai lived after the temple at Jerusalem had been rebuilt; and it seems strange that such persons as these two had not returned to the Land of their Fathers. It may be that it is one of those things that God allows, perhaps our own lack of faith, or devotedness, that hinders us choosing the best path, but God accepts what we have, and uses us in the place we have chosen ourselves, even if it is not the place of His choice. It is very comforting and encouraging to our failing hearts, -the more so, as we find out the more how much we fail, -that we do know that God does make all things work together for good to them that love God. What a bright example the Book of Esther is to this blessed truth, even though the Name of God, or the word “God” does not once appear in it.