./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/01 Forward.htm01 Forward.
HIM THAT COMETH The foreword to a little book compiled by F.B. Tomkinson One of the sweetest words in the English language is "Come." It is a word of entreaty, an invitation to draw near, consent or yield. It finds a large place in the Sacred Scriptures. From the day
./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/02 What Does It Mean To Come.htm02 What Does IMean TCome.
What Does it Mean to "Come"? There is NOTHING mysterious or mystical about "coming." It is one of the simplest words; a child understands it. If Christ were standing before you now, and you heard Him say, "Come," you would not have to ask what He meant. When He walked
./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/03 How Charlotte Elliot Came.htm03 How Charlotte Elliot Came.
How Charlotte Elliot Came _____ Charlotte Elliott, of Brighton, England, was visiting some friends in the West End of London, and thee met the eminent minister, Caesar Malan, of Geneva. During the visit, the minister said he hoped she was a Christian. She resented it, but afterwards, stricken in spirit
./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/04 A Page From The Gospel Of John.htm04 A Page From The Gospel OJohn.
A Page from the Gospel of John One of the first things that meets the eye upon entering the home of William C- - is a text in large bold letters hanging on the living room wall. It is John 6:37, and from a page out of his well -thumbed
./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/05 Red Tam.htm05 Red Tam.
Red Tam I had been staying with the McGregors for nearly a fortnight, and I believe it had rained every day. True, the country folk said it was only "a wee bit saft," But I called it a regular downpour. And now, here was the first fine day. "If I
./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/06 Four Hundred Beggars A Day.htm06 Four Hundred Beggars A Day.
Four Hundred Beggars A Day The late Baron Hirsch received an average of 400 begging letters a day, and never read them, though he gave away in a single year as much as $15,000,000. Yet we know One who receives more than 400 beggars, bankrupts and sinners a day, and
./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/07 Am I One Of The Elect.htm07 AI One OThe Elect.
Am I One of the Elect? This was the tormenting question that continually harrowed the mind of Frances P --. "If I am one of the elect then I will be saved, and if I am not - then I'll be lost." It was but another of Satan's deceptions to
./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/08 Not Cast Out.htm08 Not Cast Out.
NOT CAST OUT I never yet heard a single person say: "I came to Jesus, and He cast me out." There never was such a case. If you are not saved and happy in the love of Christ, it is because you have never come to Him. For more than
./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/09 A Millionaires Text.htm09 A Millionaires Text.
A Millionaire's Text __________ It was THE TEXT employed by William Whiting Borden as he sought to lead his classmates to the knowledge of Christ as a personal Saviour. One of the most refreshing biographies of recent years is "Borden of Yale '09," by Mrs. Howard Taylor. Among many comments
./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/10 Come.htm10 Come.
COME! C onfidingly - Believing He will receive you Matt.1:28 O penly- Acknowledge your guilt Isaiah l:18 M eekly- In the spirit of a little child Luke 18:16 E arnestly- Because God says, NOW Luke 14:26
./?iframe=/library/authors/tomkinson_f_b/him_that_cometh/11 A Millionaires Confession.htm11 A Millionaires Confession.
A Millionaire's Confession The name Vanderbilt is a familiar one and always associated in the mind with great wealth. Cornelius Vanderbilt, who accumulated a vast fortune while engaged, first in Steamboat, and later in Railroad enterprises, died in New York in 1877, the possessor of wealth estimated at the enormous