./?iframe=/library/authors/kelly_w/six_lectures_on_the_church/A List Of Important Subjects Concerning The Church.htmA List OImportant Subjects Concerning The Church.
THE CHURCH OF GOD INDEX There are six articles on subjects that have to do with the Church of God. The subject of each article is very important to be able to understand the thoughts that God puts before us about His Church. Scripture is very plain and also very
./?iframe=/library/authors/kelly_w/six_lectures_on_the_church/Lecture 1 One Body.htmLecture 1 One Body.
"ONE BODY" Ephesians 4 INDEX 1. The ONE BODY is unique to the time after the death of Christ, and in contrast to what was before. [1](Click here) 2. The cross is the foundation of the ONE BODY. [2](Click here) 3. The ONE BODY was in God's thoughts before the
./?iframe=/library/authors/kelly_w/six_lectures_on_the_church/Lecture 2 One Spirit.htmLecture 2 One Spirit.
"ONE SPIRIT." 1 Corinthians 12: 1-13. INDEX 1. Asserting the rights of the Holy Spirit. [1](Click here) 2. Why many Jews have failed to recognize Jesus as Messiah. [2](Click here) 3. Another Comforter. [3](Click here) 4. Why Jesus, the Messiah, had to die and postpone His glorious reign for a
./?iframe=/library/authors/kelly_w/six_lectures_on_the_church/Lecture 3 The Assembly And Ministry.htmLecture 3 The Assembly And Ministry.
THE ASSEMBLY AND MINISTRY 1 Corinthians 14 INDEX 1. THE ASSEMBLY (the Church) is a result of the finished work of Christ. [1](Click Here) 2. Such as should be saved. [2](Click Here) 3. THE ASSEMBLY had rest. [3](Click Here) 4. Grace and truth always go together. [4](Click Here) 5. The
./?iframe=/library/authors/kelly_w/six_lectures_on_the_church/Lecture 4 Worship Breaking Bread Prayer.htmLecture 4 Worship Breaking Bread Prayer.
WORSHIP, THE BREAKING OF BREAD, AND PRAYER John 4: 10-24 INDEX 1. Christian WORSHIP is in contrast with what went before. [1](Click here) 2. There is a perfect revelation of God in Christ. [2](Click here) 3. A new nature is needed to WORSHIP God. [3](Click here) 4. The Lord should
./?iframe=/library/authors/kelly_w/six_lectures_on_the_church/Lecture 5 Gifts And Local Charges.htmLecture 5 Gifts And Local Charges.
GIFTS AND LOCAL CHARGES Ephesians 4: 7-11 INDEX 1. GIFTS - their source and character. [1](Click here) 2. The GIFTS of the Lord. [2](Click here) 3. He gave some apostles, and some prophets, and some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers. [3](Click here) 4. Apostles and Prophets - the foundation.
./?iframe=/library/authors/kelly_w/six_lectures_on_the_church/Lecture 6 Resources Of The Faithful.htmLecture 6 Resources OThe Faithful.
THE RESOURCE OF THE FAITHFUL IN THE RUINS OF CHRISTENDOM 2 Timothy 2: 11-22 INDEX 1. A path which vulture's eye has not seen. [1](click here) 2. A lesson of no small importance. [2](Click here) 3. What Jesus said about what He would find on earth when He returns. [3](Click