God Is Not Mocked





A notorious infidel had a considerable following in a certain town.  He was one of the braggart stamp, and seemed to revel in his outpourings of blasphemy against God.  One day, in the height of his folly, he challenged God, if such a Being existed, to fight him in a certain wood.  The day came, and he went defiantly to the wood, stayed a certain time, and returned home again apparently all right, and no doubt jubilant of his seeming success. But when in the wood there had alighted on his eyelid a tiny midge, which he brushed away, paying no attention to it.  At night it swelled up, and blood poisoning setting in, he died.  “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” God sent one of His tiniest insects, and the boasting braggart fell before it.


NOTE.- This remarkable and striking incident is vouched for as strictly accurate.  The compiler of this volume holds information as to the place and time o its occurrence, and there are witnesses of it alive to this day.  It is worthy of being pondered over, especially in the fact that a long-suffering God did not strike the blasphemer dead upon the spot, but gave him warning and time for repentance.


A.J. P.