God did not forget Noah in the ark, but He stopped the flood rising any more.  And after many days the ark rested on the top of the mountains of Ararat.


Then Noah knew that God was sending the waters away.  And Noah sent out a raven and then a dove. But the dove found nowhere to rest, and in the evening she returned to the ark.  Noah sent the dove out again and when she did not come back he knew the trees were uncovered.


At last Noah moved the covering of the ark and looked and the ground was dry.


Then God said to Noah, “Go forth of the ark.” And Noah went forth.  And he built an altar and sacrificed some of all the clean beasts to God.


God then blessed Noah and his sons.  And God said that he would not again destroy all living things by a flood.


And God set the rainbow in the cloud, so that men would remember His promise, and would not be afraid of all being drowned when the rain came again.