Have you heard the angels' story of a Savior come to earth?

How the shepherds saw the glory of the infant Jesus' birth,

When the bright light shone around them, they obeyed the heavenly call,

And in swaddling clothes they found Him, midst the cattle in the stall?


Have you heard the Master weeping o'er the sinful hearts of men,

With a love that knows no sleeping, calling loudly unto them?

As the hen beneath her feathers soothes the little ones' alarms,

So Jesus runs and gathers all who want Him to His arms


Did you never hear how Jesus gave to wearied hearts sweet rest?

How He cured from all diseases those who came to Him opprest?

The poor dying thief He pardoned, and the woman at the well,

For no matter how sin - hardened - Oh! His love can break the spell!


Have you been to sad Gethsemane, and viewed that prostrate form

Of Jesus with the enemy bowed down beneath the storm?

Have you seen those blood-drops falling? Heard that agonizing groan,

As He prayed, His Father calling, "Not My will, but Thine be done?"


Have you felt in Calvary's fountain the deep drawing of His love,

When He died on yonder mountain your Redeemer from above?

There's forgiveness in His precious blood, forgiveness in His prayer;

There's forgiveness through our pardoning God - forgiveness free as air!